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12-Month Leasing Guarantee

When you entrust your rental property to Green Light Property Management, you’ll never pay a tenant placement fee more than once per year. If we place a tenant in one of your units with a 12-month lease, and that tenant moves out before the 12-month term is up, we will find a new tenant to replace them — and you won’t pay a second placement fee.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Collecting pet deposits from tenants can protect against some pet damages, but not all. Green Light offers a $1,000 pet damage guarantee so you can rest easy knowing your property is fully protected against pet-related accidents. We’ll cover up to $1,000 above the security deposit for any damage caused by a pet we’ve approved for your rental property.

Happiness Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the work we’re doing, then we aren’t happy with it either. Our number one priority is the satisfaction of the property owners we serve, which is why we make sure you remain in the driver’s seat at all times. If you aren’t satisfied with the way we’re managing your property for you, you can fire us with a 30-day notice — we’ll never lock you into a contract that lasts a year or more the way some property management companies do, and we’ll never penalize you for canceling your service.

Results Guarantee

Our results guarantee means that if we don’t produce results, we don’t get paid. Until we place your first tenant, you don’t pay us a management fee. If we can’t lease your property, you won’t pay us a tenant placement fee. Our goal is to produce results for you.
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