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We provide a $500 Referral Fee to any Licensed Real Estate Agent who refers a client that signs up for our Property Management Services. Additionally, we guarantee to return the referred client back to the referring Realtor upon the sale of the property.

At Green Light Property Management, we prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships. We recognize the importance of effective communication and preserving the connections you have forged with your clients over time. Our agent referral program allows you, as a real estate agent, to concentrate on sales, while being confident that your clients are in good hands with our experienced property managers.

At Green Light Property Management, we are dedicated exclusively to property management. Our Agent Referral program is designed to provide the same level of attention and care that you would give to your clients. We offer a comprehensive property management solution that takes care of every aspect of the property from start to finish. Our commitment is to maintain the property and provide unparalleled support to your client, ensuring a seamless transition back to you when they are ready to sell.

As property management specialists, we never engage in sales or take your client away from you. We are fully focused on managing the property, guaranteeing that when you return to work with your client, the property will be in excellent condition, or even better than before.

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